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Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王

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We have a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and through independent R & D access to a number of technical patents. Adhering to the principle of "customer benefit above all" , the company has been developing new products through technical improvement and upgrading, and has now developed into a professional manufacturer in the northern region, and has grown into a well-known brand in the air purification industry.

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The company always adhere to the "Down to Earth, action is better than words" brand spirit, constantly through technological improvement and upgrading the development of new products, our strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. 


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ShanDong SNYLI Purification adheres to the principle of honesty, standardization and high efficiency, wins the market with professionalism, and gains credibility with honest service.
We have reached cooperation with many well-known companies to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
China Power Corporation
Foxconn Technology Group
Eleven Technology
Core En (Qingdao) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.
China Power Fourth Company
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ShanDong SNYLI Purification is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R&D, production and sales. The main products are primary, intermediate, and high-efficiency air filters, FFU, air supply ports, coiled filters, laminar flow hoods, air shower rooms, etc. , Products related to semiconductor, electronics, biology, medicine, food and coating industries. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and always adheres to the principle of "customer interests are above everything".
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After filtrating the air inhalation of the indoor air inhalation through the air filter at the top of the dust-free workshop, the clean air is sent in a uniform wind speed, so that the clean and sterile purification effect is achieved.



Industry Article || Air Filter Related Knowledge

Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Shandong Xinli/Xinli Environment), which originated in 2010, is committed to the development of the air purification industry. It is a professional service provider integrating R & D, design, production, and sales. The main brand "SNYLI ", the main business: FFU, air filter at all levels, liquid groove filters, chemical filters, rolling filters, airports, stratum hoods, wind chambers, transmission windows, purification, purification Sheds, cleaning projects, providing indoor air quality control solutions, and OEM of air quality control equipment. Shandong Xinli has advanced concepts and technologies, and professional design teams to meet customer needs.



Hospital operating room efficient filter replacement requirements

Many HVAC systems in the hospital use 100% outdoor air, which is a good strategy for preventing patients from cross -microorganisms in HVAC systems. However, 100% outdoor air does not eliminate the growth of microorganisms in the air filtration medium and its adverse effects on the nursing environment. Therefore, many hospitals still need advanced HVAC systems. The clean room of the health system was first used in the operating room. At the beginning, it was widely used in orthopedic surgery, because the orthopedic surgery was longer and it was easy to cause infection.



The difference between purification air conditioner and comfort air conditioner

Purifying air conditioners, as the name implies, is an air conditioner with purification function. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, hospital operating room, negative pressure ward, animal houses, medical devices, chemical chemicals, food and beverages, sterile laboratories, P -level experiments, GMP sterile operating rooms, negative pressure ward, layer of ward, GMP purification Workshop, electronic dust -free workshop, beverage filling workshop, QS food purification workshop, pure water filling workshop, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, dustwork workshop, from Liuping ground, LG coil floor, sterile irrigation workshop, purifying air -conditioning unit In order to ensure the cleanliness of the room and prevent pollution air from entering the room.



What are the precautions for installing efficient air filters?

High -efficiency air filters are mainly used to capture particle dust and various suspended substances below 0.3um. The fine glass fiber paper or PTFE material is used as the filter material, and it is made of hot melting glue, aluminum barrier or paper partitions and other materials. It has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, small resistance, and large dust content. Precautions for the installation and maintenance of high -efficiency air filters: Before the installation of high -efficiency filters, the cleaning room must be cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the inside of the purification system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements. If high -efficiency filters are installed in the technical expansion or ceiling, a comprehensive cleaning and cleaning should also be performed in the technical expansion or ceiling. High -efficiency filters are industrial consumables. In order to ensure the cleaning effect, the installation method and installation specifications of high -efficiency filters are generally replaced every other time. Now most of the purification areas are installed in the ceiling of the air outlet. Confirm that it is completely decided               Mobile: 13355281100
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