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【Air Filter】Medium-efficiency bag filter

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Medium efficiencyBag filterIt is widely used in electronics, semiconductors, medical institutions, pharmaceutical industries and other environments that require air purification. It can also be used as the front end of high-efficiency air filters to reduce the load of high-efficiency air filters and extend the service life of high-efficiency filters. The bag filter has many advantages such as large windward surface, large dust holding capacity and low wind speed.

Bag-type medium-efficiency filter, the frame is in the form of cold plate sprayed, galvanized plate, etc. The filter material is non-woven fabric, glass fiber, etc.

The bag filter uses a tight, leak-proof bag design to catch dust overflow. The three sides of the bag are sealed and the corners on the north side of the frame are sealed with glue to prevent the bag from shrinking or tearing. The airflow channel is sewn horizontally in the bag, and a thermoplastic sealant is glued and sewn by hot melt pressing.

Various models of snyli purification bag-type washable filter and medium-efficiency bag filter are available for customers to choose. It is the source manufacturer of bag air filters. Customers can choose different filter materials according to different needs to ensure the effective operation of the filter system. Non-standard customization is acceptable.               Mobile: 13355281100
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