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Air clean technology

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First, how to determine if the filter needs to be replaced?

1) Judgment according to clean room cleanliness

After the laser dust tester test, the indoor static cleanliness does not meet the design standard, and it is necessary to replace when the process requires

2) Judgment according to the voltage difference value of the ventilation system

By observing the pressure gauge, it is necessary to replace when there is a negative pressure in the dust-free chamber.

3) Judgment according to end wind speed

The end filter wind speed is lower than the normal wind speed range needs to be replaced

How do I choose a filter?

1) Efficiency level impact:

The cleanliness of the dust-free chamber is determined by the efficiency of the end filter, so the efficiency of the filter is selected from the clean room cleanliness;

2) Reasonable configuration of the initial, medium, filter model and replacement cycle:

The main role of the initial effect is to extend the life of the end or subsequent service, and regulate the air pressure difference;

3) Effect of filter material:

The larger the air filter material area, the smaller the resistance, the greater the dust, the longer service life


The medium-effect pump is extended from the original bag of 450mm to 550mm, which is equivalent to an increase of 1/5 of the filter area, which is equivalent to reducing the resistance of 1/10, and the service life is extended from 3 months to 4 months.

Second, the key factors affecting cleanliness

4 essential conditions affecting cleanliness:

1, air freeness

2, air flow organization

3, air supply or wind speed

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