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Air conditioning and its classification

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Air conditioning is a technology that enables the temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, and air velocity of a room or enclosed space to meet the given requirements. In other words, the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and airflow velocity of the ambient air in a specific space where people live and work, as well as in production and scientific research, constitute the air environment of the space. Taking necessary technical means to create and maintain the required air environment in the space is the task of air conditioning. In the air conditioning system, the air treatment equipment, namely the air conditioner, is the core part to realize air heat, humidity exchange and air filtration and purification. In a room or a space, in general, in addition to the heat, humidity, particles, microorganisms or other harmful substances generated by the surrounding structure, personnel, lighting fixtures and equipment inside the room, there are also interferences from the outside of the room. Interference from the atmosphere, solar radiation, etc. In order to eliminate the above-mentioned interference from indoor and outdoor, it is necessary to adopt the necessary technical means to transfer, replace, dilute and dilute the interference from all aspects of the room air by using the heated, humid and filtered air in the air treatment equipment. Ensure a certain required air environment in the room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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