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Air conditioning basic concept

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Air purificationAdjustment is a technique that enables the temperature, relative humidity, clean degree, and airflow speed of the room or closed space. That is, in people's lives and work, the temperature, humidity, clean degree, and airflow velocity of the ambient air in a certain space of production and research constitute the air environment of the space. Take the necessary technical means to create and maintain the air environment required in this space is the task of air conditioning. In the air conditioning system, the air treatment device is an air conditioner is a core portion that realizes air heat, wet exchange, and air filter purification. A room or a space, in general, in addition to a serving structure from the interior of the room, people, lighting, particles, microbes, or other hazardous interference, and outside of the room Interference of atmosphere, solar radiation, etc. In order to eliminate interference from indoor and outdoor, the necessary technical means must be taken to transfer, replace, dilute, and rush from the air treatment equipment to face the interference of the room air. Ensure that the air environment in the room is required. The original illustration of air regulation is shown in Figure one and Figure 2.

Air purification

Figure an air conditioning schematic

air filter

Figure 2 purification air conditioning schematic

Air conditioning can be divided into comfortable air conditioning and process air conditioning according to the different objects.

Comfortable air conditioning is to meet the air conditioning of people's comfort.

Craft air conditioning is the air conditioning set by the production process to the requirements of the environmental air parameters. The parameters such as temperature and humidity of the ambient air are determined by the production process. Different production processes are also different for environmental air parameters.               Mobile: 13355281100
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