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Air conditioning filter is not as simple as unplugging the power supply

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Air conditioning filterIt's not as simple as unplugging

In the hot summer, people laugh at \"Life is given by air conditioning\". The air conditioner that has been working is really \"difficult\", but with the advent of comfortable weather, the air conditioner at home will be \"broken\". It is not as simple as cleaning the power supply. It reminds me that the air conditioner needs a good \"wash\" before taking a break, which is not as simple as unplugging the power source.

In fact, the dirty part of the horizontal unidirectional flow clean bench air conditioner is the radiator inside the air conditioner. This is where dust germs gather. Want to be thorough?

Air conditioners contaminated by dust not only cause damage to the equipment itself, but also pose a potential threat to public health. In general, after three months of frequent use in summer, the filter and radiator in the air conditioner will accumulate a lot of dust, mites, mold and other pollutants. The dark and humid environment inside the air conditioner is also easy to produce.

Expert tip: The air conditioner should be cleaned thoroughly before use, and once every three months after use. In the eyes of many citizens, air conditioner cleaning is to clean the air conditioner shell and filter the dust on the net!

If the air conditioner is not thoroughly cleaned during the air conditioner's non-use period, internal dirt and dust will stubbornly adhere to the air conditioner after a quarter of the sleep. When used in winter or summer, air pollutants in the air conditioner will be blown out with the air conditioning air. This air is sucked into the respiratory tract and may cause respiratory infections, diarrhea, vomiting, itchy skin and other symptoms.               Mobile: 13355281100
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