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Air filter cleaning and replacement precautions

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air filterPrecautions for cleaning and replacement:
1. When cleaning, if it is found that there is not much dust on the surface of the air filter, take the primary filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, take the filter to the outside and blow it with clean compressed air on both sides until it is No dust particles can be seen under the light. Initial effect filter.

2. If the filter surface is very dirty, it needs to be washed with water. Place the filter in the cleaning tank. You can add filter cleaning agent appropriately. After rinsing it several times, until there is no dust, rinse it with clean water. Take it out and place it on the stainless steel grille. Spread on a shelf to dry in the shade, and turn both sides frequently when in the sun to accelerate the monotonous speed.

3. Every time you replace the primary and medium-efficiency filters, the inside of the air-conditioning unit must be completely cleaned without leaving dead corners, and then the primary and medium-efficiency filters should be installed.

4. When replacing the air filter, the filter should be unpacked on site, and after passing the inspection, the equipment should be installed immediately to prevent dust from polluting the filter.

5. After the air filter is replaced, the dust particle counter performs leak detection on the connection between the air filter and the equipment. During the scanning inspection, tighten the bolts or plug the leak with epoxy resin.               Mobile: 13355281100
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