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Air filter common sense

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air filter

Filtering efficiency isair filterThe most important indicator, which refers to the percentage of the difference between the air dust concentration of the filter before and after the rated air volume.

For clean air conditioning systems, different levels of filters are usually used in series, and if there is a filter, the total efficiency is:

Penetration rate and filtering efficiency

Filtering efficiency is a parameter that measures the air filter to capture dust capability, or the penetration rate can evaluate the quality of the filter, and the penetration rate refers to the dust concentration of the filtered air and the dust concentration of the filtered air. The percentage of ratio, the usage formula indicates that the penetration rate can clearly indicate the dust content of the air before and after the filter, and it is more intuitive to evaluate the performance of the high-efficiency filter.

Filter surface speed and filter speed

The filter surface speed refers to the airflow speed through the filter of the filter. The filter speed is represented by the filter speed refers to the airflow speed of the filter through the filter material.

Filter speed reflects the passage of filter material (filtration performance), generally efficient and ultra-efficient filter with a filter speed of 2 to 3 cm / s, and the filtration speed of sub-highly efficient filters is 5 ~ 7cm / s.

Filter resistance

Resistance composition:

First, the resistance of filter materials

The second is the resistance of the filter structure.

The film resistance of the fiber filtration is caused by the airflow through the fibrous layer, the size of the resistance is related to the flow of flow or turbulence flowing in the fibrous layer, generally because the fibers are very fine, the filter speed is small. At this time, the airflow within the fiber layer belongs to the laminar.

Classification of clean room filter by using the purpose

New wind treatment filter

- Usually used in coarse, alive, high-altitude, sub-efficiency, etc.

Indoor air blowing filter

- Usually sub-efficient, efficient or efficient + chemical filters, etc.

Exhaust filter

- Generally, high efficiency, super efficiency or HEPA + chemical filter or ULPA + chemical filter, etc.

Clean indoor equipment filter

- Generally, high efficiency, super efficiency or HEPA + chemical filter or ULPA + chemical filter, etc.

Manufacturing equipment in-filter filter

- Typically use HEPA, ULPA or HEPA + chemical filter or ULPA + chemical filter these filters closely related to manufacturing equipment, and the requirements of manufacturing equipment are very different, so they are generally \"non-standard \" filters.

High pressure pipeair filter

- A gas delivery process commonly used for pressure> 0.1 MPa, such filters are very different from the above filters in the filters, structural forms.

Different filters according to filter materials

Filter paper filter

- The most widely used filters in clean technology, currently filter paper commonly used glass fibers, synthetic fibers, ultrafine fiberglass, and plant cellulose and other materials.

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