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Air filter to reduce pollution and ensure a comfortable working environment

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Nowadays, when the quality of life continues to improve, we not only pursue the quality of life in terms of family life and work environment, but also adopt someair filterTo reduce pollution and ensure a comfortable working environment.

The office is not an ordinary place, but a place where many workers work. We stayed in the office for a long time, so the office is our second home. Employees must have a positive work enthusiasm and full-staff spirit. The company pays attention to the environment and guarantees a comfortable air environment; health can make employees work hard. Most of the pollution in the office is air pollution. What are the ways to reduce air pollution? Let's take a look at this.

First, ventilation

Ventilation is a simple method, because the office is kept in a sealed state for a long time, the indoor air is not circulating, and the office space is limited, which is prone to dust pollution, which causes the office to be in a high temperature state for a long time. Give employees a sense of sleepiness. Therefore, in order to have comfortable air in the office, it is necessary to pay attention to long-term ventilation.

Second, potted plants

There are many devices in the office, which not only generate radiation, but also generate a lot of dust, which brings serious pollution to the office environment. In order to reduce the radiation effect of the device on the human body, more potted plants should be placed in the office so that the plants can absorb more air pollutants, thereby purifying the effect and giving the office a certain vitality.

air filterThe service life of the device is related to several factors. The current mainstream determination methods include the calculation method of the dust holding capacity of the resistance determination method. Now we focus on two methods:

First, the resistance is used as the termination condition of the test.

For most filters, the resistance usually only rises or not. In this case, the air spray can directly determine whether the dust holding capacity test is terminated by reaching resistance. At this time, the dust holding capacity is closely related to the resistance, and the higher the test resistance is obtained. The dust holding capacity has a larger value.               Mobile: 13355281100
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