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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various control methods in the use of FFU fans

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FFUThe fan filter unit system is more complicated, and the control methods are also diverse, including computer group control, multi-speed switch control, remote control and other methods. The specific use depends on the clean plant central air conditioning system, the number of FFUs, etc. Carry out comprehensive considerations to choose the most economical and reasonable control method to provide users with the best use plan. These three control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, now let us analyze them one by one.

One, computer group control

This method is based on the bus design of the device, using the host conversion interface, from the master router to the slave router, and then to the four-layer structure of the FFU control module. The master can control up to nine master routers, and each master router can manage Thirty slave routers, and the number of slave routers cannot exceed 200 at most, and each slave router can control 30 FFU control modules.

The advantage of this control method is that it is easy to control, speed can be adjusted, more complex applications can be realized, and theFFUThe centralized control and supervision of the system can realize the control of partitions and sub-systems, and this method also has the effect of energy saving. Its disadvantages are that the structure is more complicated, the debugging is difficult, and the cost is high.

2. Multi-gear switch control

This method refers to the installation of a speed control switch and a power switch to control the FFU. Its advantages are relatively simple structure, stable speed regulation, and low cost; but its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to control.

Three, remote control

This method is to use infrared and other methods to convey the switch and speed control commands of the micro fan, so as to realize the control of the FFU. Its advantages are also relatively simple structure, stable speed regulation, more convenient control, and lower cost; but the disadvantage is that electromagnetic signals will interfere with the remote control and cause incorrect operations. Therefore, this method should be used according to the environment. decided.

In summary, we can find thatFFUThe three methods of the fan filter unit system have their own advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages are obvious, and they can also achieve complementary effects in use. During the installation process, we still need to ask a regular professional manufacturer to do it. According to The most important thing is to choose the right method for different use environments.               Mobile: 13355281100
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