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Application of FFU in a dust-free workshop

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FFU has been widely used in a clean room, clean room, clean room, etc. It is also an indispensable purification device in a clean environment. The main advantages have high filtering efficiency, convenient installation, small vibration, uniform wind speed, low noise, maintenance, long-term maintenance, working hours. What are the applications of FFU in a dust-free workshop?Shandong XinliXiaobian gives you a detailed explanation:
First, FFU can save space, in some lower, clean engineering such as 10,000 levels, thousands, air-conditioned machine rooms, can not accommodate air conditioning units, FFU can effectively make up this lack.
Second, FFU can reduce operating costs, in the initial selection of FFU relative to the wind tube ventilation is slightly high, but from the long-term plan can effectively save 40% of the operating costs, mainly in the aspect of energy saving.

Third, FFU relative wind tube production can be effectively shortened time period.
Fourth, negative pressure ventilation, this is the unique feature of FFU, it can provide static pressure, so that the air-stop static pressure box is negatively pressed with clean factory, so that the particles of the static pressure box will not be protected to the clean area, Simply seal simple and safe.
5. FFU flexibility, because itself self-driving, it can not be limited to regional trap.
Sixth, solve the problem of ceiling space in the dust-free workshop, in some high-clean and net dust-free workshop, the air supply static pressure box in the ceiling has a big effect, is the pressure on the cross-section of the cleansing room, but when using FFU The ceiling of clean room is divided into several modules, and we can reduce the pressure balance requirements of the upper air pressure in the ceiling of the ceiling, thereby reducing the static pressure box height requirements by adjusting the FFU to meet the pressure balance requirements of the upper air pressure box.               Mobile: 13355281100
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