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Application of air filter in industrial production workshop

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Why does the workshop use air filter?

With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial technology is constantly improving, and people's accuracy and cleanliness of industrial are constantly increasing. Air filters become an industrial production that is essential in industrial production. Since the air is suspended in the air, it is not possible to capture the naked eye. Therefore, these dust cannot be processed through a general cleaning method. If these dust falls on the key equipment components of the workshop, the component loss can reduce the work accuracy and life of the machine. The air filter can reduce the dust in the air, send clean air into the workshop to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the indoor air cleanliness of the general air conditioning room. The air filter has been widely used in the microelectronic industry, the biopharmaceutical industry, medical institution, precision manufacturing industry, crystal materials, spray coating and other industries.

Air filter is typically mounted to purify the suspension particles in the air or in-room air in the air supply system. Generally, ventilation air filters are mainly captured, adsorbed, adsorbed, adsorb, adsorbed, thereby increasing air cleanliness. Some odors can be adsorbed in addition to adsorbed dust.

Air purification of pharmaceutical GMP workshop:

The quality requirements of the biopharmaceutical workshop have strict requirements, usually need to install the initial filter, medium-role filter, high efficiency filter, FFU, lamination, wind shower, etc., some harmful exhaust emissions, also need Installing the bag into the pocket protection system, the air filter has become the necessary equipment in the GMP workshop.

Air filter in semiconductor, electronics industry:

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the production of electronic components is demanding on the production environment, using the air filter design with high requirements, the production of electronic products is very important, and it is also possible to say that the development of modern industries is infest. High speed development in the air filtration industry.

Air filter in medical institutions:

The health care industry is a very large and special industry, which is very high in the cleanliness of the air. Medical institutions have always been a key task of microbial control and cross-infection control and one of the main tasks of hospital ventilation and air conditioning. Due to bacteria and viruses such microorganisms cannot be alone in air, it is usually found in the surface of dust particles larger than they. The air filter is still the need for a medical mechanism ventilation and air conditioning system.

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