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Application of air filter in semiconductor industry

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Today, the semiconductor industry (chip plant) is strict, and the requirements for the filter are also more demanding. Because the dust on the integrated circuit may cause a break, short circuit, dust directly affect the product's yield.

\"Line Width \" is one of the metrics that measures the chip integration, that is, the width of the wire on the circuit on the circuit. In the tendency of the micrometer computed line, it is said that the manufacturing environment on dust particle size is less than one tenth of the wire width. As the line width is constantly being small, 1/10 is said to be 1/4, 1 / 2. In 2002, the line width of the P4 processor in the normal microcomputer was reduced to 0.13 μm, and any dust may damage the circuit at this time.

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The traditional ventilation form of the chip factory is \"big loop \", full of high-efficiency filters across the entire ceiling, and the entire surface is a return air gate. Many chipplates are now using a self-strap fan filtering device, that is, FFU. The sea salt particles in the air are the enemy of all electronics industries, but the particles of sea salt dust in the air are relatively large, and the ordinary filter can be filtered out.
Can see in any electronics factoryair filterMage, air filters are essential for electronics industries. The high-efficiency filter must be tested on a step-by-step scan.

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