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Application of curtain clean shed

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Clean shed

Curtain typeClean shedAs a local clean area equipment with low investment, fast implementation, high performance and low energy consumption, it is welcomed by users.

  First of all, this horizontal tube filter originated from20century50At the time of the Soviet Union, they did not have a foldable high-efficiency filter with glass fiber filter paper. The main filter material was \"Bitoryanov\" perchloroethylene, which is ΦIIType filter cloth, filter speed is0.01m/s时; The filter material penetration rate3.2%, Which is equivalent to my country's sub-high efficiency filtration performance. Because this filter material is thick and not easy to fold, but can be bonded, so use φII-15-17Filter cloth made diameter400mmHose, about20century60It was used in a clean room in the late period, and it was evenly arranged on the ceiling to become a horizontal tube-type air supply surface. The air enters the clean room through the hose and the plexiglass perforated ceiling (not a clean shed, the essence is the same), and passes through both sides Next return to the wind. The return air returns to the air conditioner located outside the clean room through the system.

   Secondly, similar clean sheds in China appeared in20century90In the 1950s, polypropylene fiber filter paper was used to form a horizontal tubular air supply surface. The difference was that plastic curtains were placed around the room in a normal room. The filter tube is a double-row horizontal tube sub-high efficiency filter, but it can only be achieved under the condition of complete self-circulation5Class, single side air intake.

In view of the problem of double-row filter tubes and single-side air intake, a new type of horizontal tube-type air supply surface with curtains for clean sheds, based on the theoretical analysis that will be explained below, adopts the following new ideas in structure .

1) Hidden filter is simplified into one filter. Shandong snyli Purification NewClean shedThe important design idea is that when used in the indoor self-circulation state, according to the theoretical analysis, only a sub-high efficiency tubular filter is needed for one filtration, eliminating the previous pre-filter.

2) Change the single-sided air supply of the system to double-sided air supply. Since the diameter of the filter tube cannot be made large, the static pressure in the tube cannot be very stable. The filtration rate of each point on the entire hotel cannot be uniform, or it is impossible to improve the uniform wind speed of a single filter tube. Another way is to recognize this unevenness. If the unevenness becomes uniform, you can change the air supply from one side of all filter tubes to half of the filter tubes from one side, and the other half of the filter tubes to supply air from the other side. The inhomogeneity of a single filter tube can be superimposed to become the uniformity of the entire flow field.

3) Change the round filter tube into a wedge-shaped filter tube. As we all know, for a certain area, the boundary length of the circle is the smallest, and the effective filtering area is only the lower half of the circumference. In a certain cross-sectional area, the filter area should be increased to reduce the space in the filter tube and the channel resistance of the air flow after filtration. The best way is to turn the round filter tube into a wedge-shaped filter tube. The key factor is how to choose the height and bottom of the wedge. scale.

4) Fix the filter tube with a partition frame. In order to avoid collisions between the filter tubes, each filter tube must be separated and fixed with a partition frame, and can be arranged next to each other, which enlarges the filtering area and avoids high-speed airflow between the tubes. The other biggest effect is to realize the purpose of turning a round tube into a wedge-shaped tube.

5) snyli PurificationClean shedCombining multiple rows of filter tubes into a single row, and using a partition frame to solve this problem.

6) Further reduce the height of the filter ceiling. Due to the success of combining the double row into a single row, the height is reduced to250mm, Only half the height of such devices abroad.               Mobile: 13355281100
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