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Application of high efficiency filter to air laminar flow

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High efficiency filterWhen applied in laminar air flow, it has those advantages. So what would someone say is laminar flow? In layman's terms, it is the indoor air layer. For example, dust particles in a clean room move in laminar flow, which means that dust particles are in the air. In a clean room or a dust-free workshop in an air-conditioning system, the indoor air is non-laminar, which means that the suspended particles entrained in the air quickly mix, which can also make the static particles in the room fly again, and part of the air is still A stagnant state can occur.

The following is the application of high efficiency filter to laminar flow;
1. There is no turbulence in the air in the clean room, and dust or bacteria attached to the dust are not easy to spread and transfer to other places, but can only be eliminated on the spot.
2, The air has been filtered through a high efficiency filter to reach the aseptic requirement and enter the indoor laminar flow,
3. The air moves in the form of laminar flow, so that all suspended particles in the room move in the laminar flow layer, which can prevent the suspended particles from coalescing into large particles;
4. The newly generated indoor pollutants can be quickly taken away by laminar air and discharged outdoors.
5. The air flow rate is relatively increased, so that the particles float in the air without accumulating and sinking down. At the same time, the indoor air will not be stagnant, which can avoid cross-contamination of drug powder. The above is the application of high-efficiency filters to air laminar flow               Mobile: 13355281100
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