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Application of medium-efficiency air filter in clean room

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Medium efficiencyair filterIt belongs to the F series in the European standard. What we usually see is the bag type. In fact, there are also non-bag types. The filtration efficiency is F5~F9. It mainly filters 1-5um dust particles. The medium-efficiency air filter is mainly used in central air conditioning and In the centralized air supply system, it is also widely used in clean rooms.

1. Features of medium-efficiency air filter

The stable medium-efficiency air filter keeps the standard of the clean room constant and provides different standards for the clean room. It is usually used to set standards to limit the amount of dust greater than or equal to a certain particle size to a certain amount within a certain volume of the clean room. For example, in foreign countries, a clean room-the amount of dust ≥ 0.5 microns in a cubic foot of air does not exceed 100, which is defined as a \"100\" class clean room. It is also useful to determine the amount of dust in a certain volume of air in the clean room and the amount of dust that can be deposited per unit time in the clean room.

Second, the efficiency in the clean roomair filterhow to choose

The collection efficiency of the medium-efficiency filter is in the middle of the coarse filter and the high-efficiency filter. In a clean room filtration system, it is generally set in front of the high-efficiency filter, especially at the outdoor air inlet is absolutely necessary. For example, when estimating the life of the filter, 80% of the air supply comes from the circulating air in the clean room. The other 20% comes from outdoor air. , Although the outside air is relatively small in the proportion of the total air volume. However, the concentration of dust is overwhelming, and the main purpose of clogging the filter holes is outdoor air. In addition, in clean rooms with a cleanliness of 100,000, more than 90% use medium-efficiency filters as final filters.

3. Medium efficiency in clean roomair filterApplications

The filter material of the medium-efficiency filter is glass fiber, its strength is weaker than ordinary paper, and it is often damaged by a little impact and puncture. In addition, the installation method is incorrect, and the expected effect cannot be obtained. Special attention should be paid to the following points in this regard:

1. When processing the medium-efficiency filter frame, the surface bearing the filter gasket and gasket should be processed flat and straight;

2. The medium-efficiency filter should be firmly fixed with bolts and other fasteners;

3. Avoid using in areas with strong turbulence;

4. Although the medium-efficiency filter can be used in an environment with a relative humidity of 85-100%, it is best not to directly contact water;

5. When using special gases, pay attention;

6. When packing the filter, there are many cases where the filter material is damaged by hands and knees. Please be careful not to let your hands and other objects touch the filter material and partition;

7. The filter with the airflow direction indicated must be installed in the indicated direction. The above is medium efficiencyair filterIn the application of clean room, the standard of the clean room should be fully estimated and determined according to the needs of production, etc. The standard of selecting the air filter for the cleanliness of the clean room in the later period must refer to the standard of the clean room               Mobile: 13355281100
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