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Application of mid-range filter

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product description

The bag filter is made of its unique bag structure, ensuring that the airflow is equal to the entire bag. Unique hot melt technology prevents too crowded or leaks between the bags, which reduces resistance and makes capacity a relatively large. The \"bag support grid \" to reinforcement can prevent the filter from shrinking or bending in a very poor working environment. Shandong Xinli bag filter can be used as an ideal initial or middle-class filter for use in a humid / high gas flow and dust load. Bag filters have been widely used in medical institutions, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, precision manufacturing, crystal materials and other industries, in clean workshops and ventilation systems, have successfully proved their value and performance Improve industry standards. Shandong Xinli supports non-standard customization, customers can choose air filters according to different needs.

Product Features

Bag filter uses fastening, leak-proof bag design to capture dust overflow. The three-side seal of the bag and has a glue seal at the corner of the frame northern surface; to prevent the bag from zooming or torn. Air flow channel is sewn laterally in the bag.               Mobile: 13355281100
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