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Application range of medium altitude air filters

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The medium-end air filter is mainly applied to the end of medicine, civil or industrial cleanplate of electronic, semiconductor, precision manufacturing, pharmaceutical, biomedical, food and other industries. It can also be filtered as filtered front end filtration to reduce filtering load, extend its use time; due to the large wind surface, the amount of dust is large, the wind speed is low, is considered to be the current normally function filter structure, for the governance The requirements of the filter are also strict. Let's take a look at Xiaodian's Xiaobian.

To extend the use of the filter, the easiest way is to block the dust outside the pre-filter. That is to say, the air flow that guarantees the filter in contact with the air after the pre-filter, the initial filter, and the center-alien filter filter. At this time, the air should reach 99.95% less dust grain, low pollution.

Replacing the pre-filter generally does not have to discontinue or stop other normal work plans and arrangements. There is no need to debug after installation to ensure the normal operation of air conditioning new wind equipment. So experienced customers will use attention on the pre-filter.

Some occasions, the provisions of the filter are not considered for resistance, but other factors, if there is hydrofluoric acid in the plant, the air conditioner is not a new wind system, the filter glass fiber filter paper will be returned Corrosion. For safety, the filter must be replaced regularly.               Mobile: 13355281100
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