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Basic common sense of lamination

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What is the basic common sense of the lamination? Shandong Xinli's Xiaobian gives you detailed explanation:

First, introduction of the lamination

1. Clean layer flow cover is a air purification unit that provides a local clean environment, which can be flexibly mounted above the process point requiring a clean level, and the clean layer flow cover can be used in a single use, or multiple combinations are intensive. area.

2. Clean layer flow cover is to form a uniform flow layer with a certain ground speed by a high-efficiency filter, so that clean air is vertically unidirectional, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the process requirements in the work area.

Second, the structure of the lamination

Clean layer flow cover has two types of wind turbine, and the externally installation method has two types of hanging and landing stent.

The lamination is a air purification apparatus that provides local high clean environment. It is mainly composed of a cabinet, a fan, an initial air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, and the like, and the outer casing is sprayed. The product can be suspended, and it can be supported, and the structure is compact and easy to use. You can use a single use, or multiple connections can be formed with a strong net area.

The clean layer flow cover is to use the air fluid through the high-efficiency air filter by high-efficiency air filter, which is a vertical layer flow airflow to the work area, which guarantees that the work area needs the process. High cleanness.

Third, the advantages and applications of the lamination

Compared with the clean room, the clean room has the advantages of investment in the province, the effectiveness of the plant, the advantages of low installation, convenient installation, power-saving power, etc., currently widely used in pharmaceutical, precision machinery, electronics, food, fine chemical and other industries.               Mobile: 13355281100
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