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Basic knowledge introduction of the mid-range filter

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Metal filterIt is common in the use of central air-conditioning units, especially in the collective blowing system, some primary filter systems are also equipped, and there are still many market demands every year. The optional key of the mid-range filter includes many aspects, one is to see parameters, such as the high and low of extravasants, and the size of the dust removal, but also to see if the test data is consistent with the industry specification. The following is a small editor of Shandong to explain:

Understanding equipment needs to pay attention to many aspects. First, from the type structure, it is divided into two structures, and one is unfrafted, and the second class is boxed. The composition of the filter material is also different, and some use non-woven fabrics, some use glass fibers, and some have chemical fibers. For the medium-end bag filter, the structure is divided into two, one is no frame, one is a box.

Not only that, the mid-range filter can also play an effect in front-end filtration, which is obvious to reduce the load effect of the high-efficiency filter. Because the overall wind is large, the wind speed is not high, and there is a good reputation in the market.

In order to ensure the effect of the alive filter, many new devices have been developed in the improved product, and some manufacturers use cold plate spray borders, and some manufacturers use the galvanized sheet border. As for the selection of filtration materials, it is more shape, which can be used to use a non-woven fabric or glass fiber. The filter particle size of such filters is relatively wide, generally around 1 to 5um. It is possible to discriminate filtering power through a colorimetric method, and filter materials are also divided into different types, which can be selected.

This is the basic knowledge of the mid-range filter, many filter manufacturers have an identifier, and can be referred to when purchasing a mortal filter. If there is air filter demand, please feel free to contact us.

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