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Basic knowledge of air filters

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The air filter is the core device of the air conditioning purification system, and the filter is resistant to air. With the increase in the dust filter, the filter resistance will increase. When the dust is dust collecting, the resistance is too high, which will cause the filter to decrease through the air volume, or the filter is partially penetrated, so when the filter resistance is increased to a certain value, the filter will be scrapped. Therefore, use a filter to master the appropriate usage cycle. In the case where the filter is not damaged, it is generally determined in the life.

In addition to its own advantages and disadvantages, such as: filter material, filter area, structural design, initial resistance, etc., is also related to factors such as dust concentration, actual use of air volume, and final resistance. .

Master the appropriate usage cycle, you must understand the changes in its resistance, you must first understand the following definition:
1. Rated initial resistance: In the rated air volume, filter samples, filter characteristic curves or filter detection reports provide the initiation of initiation.
2. Design initial resistance: under the design of the system, the filter resistance (provided by the air conditioning system designer).
3. Operation of initial resistance: At the beginning of the system, the resistance of the filter, if there is no measurement of the pressure, it can only take the resistance under design air volume as the initial resistance (the actual air volume cannot be completely equal to the design air volume);
The resistance of the filter should be checked in operation, which is exceeded in the initial resistance (the resistance monitoring device should be installed) to determine when the filter is replaced. Filter replacement cycle

Low-efficiency filters typically use crude fiber filter, large gaps, excessive resistance, can spread the dust elsestal dust on the filter, in which case the filter resistance is no longer increased, but the filtering efficiency is almost For zero, we must strictly control the final resistance value of the coarse filter!
Determining the final resistance should consider several factors. The final resistance is low, short service life, long-term replacement costs (filter fees, labor costs, and waste treatment costs) are high, but the operating energy consumption is low, so each filter should have a more economical final resistance value.

The paste the air filter, the faster the filter resistance growth. Excessive final resistance does not mean that the life of the filter will be extended, but in turn, it will make the air conditioning system in sharp decline. Excessive end resistance is not available.
The general air filter life is mainly due to the following three reasons:
A. The filter material area of the filter is too small or the unit is too small;
B. The filtering efficiency of the pre-filter is low;
C. User is expected to be too high for the life of the filter.
For the above reasons: Change the filter with large filter area, you can extend the service life, which should take into account this when the system is designed.               Mobile: 13355281100
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