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Can a clean shed be used instead of a dust-free workshop?

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Clean shedIt has a variety of clean-level spaces that can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of use, so it is easy to use, flexible, easy to install, short in construction period, and movable as its main characteristics. The clean shed can also be targeted at local areas in general clean rooms. In high cleanliness areas, local additions can be made to reduce costs, with less investment, quick results, and easy installation.

So the question is-can clean sheds replace dust-free workshops?

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The answer is that it needs to be determined according to the requirements of the production environment.Clean shedIt belongs to the simple structure of the dust-free workshop and is a partial product used to make the local space meet the purification requirements. It can be used outside the clean room independently or inside the clean room. In a non-clean workshop, if there are some production processesNeed to be dust-freeIf required, you can choose a clean shed, which can save costs. In a dust-free workshop, you can choose a clean shed, which is economical, practical, effective, and reasonable when it involves a certain process that requires a higher level than the dust-free workshop. As long as the product requires dust-free requirements, clean sheds can be used! snyli Purification, the air purification expert by your side!

Clean shed
Clean shed
Clean shed

The following snyli Purification will introduce you to the problem of clean shed configuration:

Clean shed

Clean shedConfiguration:

Main frame: stainless steel square pass or industrial aluminum profile can be used, or iron square pass paint can be used. As a frame, it is stable, beautiful, does not rust, and does not produce dust.

Cover: The cover can be anti-static mesh curtain, plexiglass and tempered glass. Good anti-static effect, high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, no deformation, and no aging.

Fan filter unitFFU: It has the characteristics of long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration, stepless speed change, etc. The fan is of reliable quality and long working life. With a unique air duct design, it greatly improves the efficiency of the fan and reduces the noise. Up to internal purification level100-100000Level, the circuit can be group-controlled or single-controlled. It is especially suitable for areas with high requirements for local purification levels in the workshop, such as assembly line operation areas.

The interior uses a special purification lamp for the clean room, which does not produce dust.

The door can be made into a vertical curtain door or a sliding door.

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