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Can air filters protect air conditioning systems?

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Central air-conditioning engineers will choose according to user use environment demandair filterBecause the cost and maintenance cost of the air conditioning system is relatively high, everyone will gradually realize that the air conditioning system itself needs a good quality air filter to protect.There are many problems with a low-efficiency air filter or an air conditioning system that does not use the air filter. The common problems are as follows:

1, airway obstruction, fan fouling, the air volume will be reduced;

2. The efficiency of the heat transfer member will decrease;

3, temperature and humidity and other measurements and control components will fail;

4, the dynamic endless air supply device will fail;

5. The full heat exchange device will fail;

6. The intensity of the wind and humidity in the pipeline is an ideal place for microbial reproduction;

A lot of central air conditioning systems, the performance will be significantly decreased after two years, open the air conditioner cover, and the scene is at a glance. Its phenomenon is a thick layer of gray, and the main root cause is low in the efficiency of the air filter.Typically, when using the air filter of the efficiency F5, the central air-conditioning system needs to be cleaned once every 588, using F7 efficiency.air filterAt the time of the Central Air Conditioning system for more than 30 years. Some of the central air-conditioning system, the efficiency of the air filter is only reached \"initial effect \", or all did not install the air filter at all. After several years, the system is terrible inside the system.

High filtering efficiencyair filterThe corresponding cost will be added, but this cost is nothing wrong with comparing the loss of the air filter that uses the poor air filter.The loss caused by the decline in air conditioning due to the shash is much greater than the cost of using a good air filter; the loss caused by the shortened air-conditioning system caused by the superh ash is greater than the cost of using a good air filter, sweep the air conditioning system The cost will also be higher than the cost of using a good air filter. The air conditioning system is a good air filter for the filter efficiency of F6-F7. The F7 level air filter protects the air conditioning system for 30 years.               Mobile: 13355281100
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