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Characteristics and application range of metal mesh filters

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Metal mesh filter is also known as a metal hole net filter, the filter element is commonly used in multilayer corrugated aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh, aluminum mesh or stainless steel network is transferred to a wavy shape, with the correct angle cross-overlay arrangement, air passes filter Multiple changes in the flow direction during the material; and arrange the low resistance of the gas stream by different densities, the aperture is reached, and the low resistance to the airflow is achieved, and its dust-proof ability and efficiency are increased. Metal mesh filter, safety, rugged, high temperature resistance, easy to clean and maintain, long-term use of the cost of use of overall air filters.

Metal net filter has the following characteristics:

1, low resistance, long service life.

2, multi-hierarchical structure, increasing the filter area.

3. The full metal air filter material is made of multi-hierarchical cross-crossing wave type aluminum network, easy to clean and maintenance, can reach 100% relative humidity moisture resistance.

4, high temperature resistance to 250 ° C.

5, metal mesh filter wave type aluminum mesh is gradually smaller from the outside to increase its filtration efficiency.

The metal mesh filter is widely used, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Requires a ventilation system with high strength and high temperature resistance to high temperature.

2, the spray lacquered oil mist filtration, the wax room filtering in the car coexistence workshop.

3. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment, there is also an application in primary filtration in the air-conditioning system of the construction building.

4. Metal mesh filter is used in central air-conditioning and smoke and primary filtration, special acid, alkali or high temperature ventilation filtration.

Metal net filter operating conditions and production requirements:

1. Uses: Crystal filter (suitable for high temperature environment); air filtration system pre-filtered

2, type: flat metal mesh filter

3, frame: galvanized iron / aluminum alloy

4, filter material: expanded aluminum foil network

5, protection network: aluminum mesh or stainless steel network

6, EN 779 Level: G1-G2

7, average weight efficiency: 65% -80% (Ashrae 52.1-1992)

8, efficiency report value: MERV 2-5 (Ashrae 52.2-1999)

9, final resistance: (recommended) 100Pa - () 160pa

Our company produces metal mesh filter products:

1. Compose from different specifications, interlaced is placed in the inner frame, reducing the filter gap, and playing better filtration.

2. The product has a large wind quantity, small resistance, and repeats cleaning, long service life.

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