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Characteristics and related principles of medium-end air filters

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Usually, filters refer to air dust particle filters, usually used in a clean room in medical, biopharmaceutical, electronics, precision instruments, crystalline materials and other industries. A wide variety of filters, diverse applications, generally divided into initial, meticulous, sub-high efficiency, high efficiency and so on.Metal filterDo you know? The so-called neutral filter is one of the air filter, which belongs to the F-series of the air filter, mainly divided into bag-type air filters and non-bag-type air filters. The mid-range filter is generally used in the ventilation system settings of the air-conditioning equipment, and is also used in the purification system in the hospital, electron, crystalline materials and other industries. Use the mid-range filter and the high-efficiency filter to use as the front end filtering of the high-efficiency filter, and reduce the life of the high-efficiency filter load, and it has been extended accordingly.

Metal filterThe characteristics are distinct, which can adsorb slightly dusty dust and suspensions in the air. The mid-range filter is made of hot melt technology. From the perspective of a structure, the stabilized myocardial infarction makes it difficult to deform or distort, greatly reduce the risk of it. The mid-range filter is also very clear on the air volume, and the polynary filter has the characteristics of high air volume and high dust collector. There is also a unique advantage that can be cleaned, and it can be repeatedly cleaned, and it can be repeatedly used after cleaning. He has been favored by many users.

Metal filterThe filtration principle is mainly conducted by four steps, which are interception, inertial and diffusion, static and chemical filtration, interception, is to bring suspended particles, dust in the air, and smaller dust collide with each other. Become a large granular dust, settle down. Inertia and diffusion, it will produce deviation during the encounter of air flow and stick it. Static electricity, the polyure filter is charged, which can adsorb fine particles. Chemical filtration is the use of activated carbon to achieve air purification.               Mobile: 13355281100
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