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Characteristics and role of using a windshore room in a dust-free workshop

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What are the characteristics and roles of the use of a ribroom in the dust-free workshop? Shandong Xinli's Xiaobian gives you a detailed explanation:
Dust-free workshop ribroom characteristics:

1. The dust-free carousel is used in a circular arc angle that is more suitable for clean room principles;

2. Dust-free workshop roll room purification level: static thousand;

4. There is a high-efficiency filter with a separator, filtering efficiency is: 99.99 %@0.3μm, ensuring the level of purification;
5. Dust-free workshop soft key touch time relay, LED liquid crystal display and set blow time, 0-99S adjustable (factory settings: 15s);

6. Dust-free workshop ribroom power supply: 3N, 220V, 50Hz, 1.1 kW;

7. When the dust-free carousel is factory product, it shall be factory-oriented, and the reliability is high;

The use of wind shower channels:
(1) People entering the barrier environment should take off the coat in the outer locating room, remove items such as watches, mobile phones, accessories.
(2) Enter the inner locker, wear purified clothes, hats, masks, gloves.
(3) When the person enters the wind-headed channel, adjust the wind time, gently touch the power button of the wheel chamber panel, followed by the fan button, enter the wind-headed channel door to turn the wind passage door, blow.
(4) The wind is over, enter the barrier environment;
(5) Management of the wind shower:
1. It should be lightweight, and the door should be opened.
2. Please do not touch the switch in the process of use.
3. When there is a failure of the wind, you should turn off the emergency stop switch and report to the repair personnel.
Dust-free workshop suggestion:
In the process of blowing, please raise your body to rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is easy to remove dust. Latched a sticky pad in the wind shower channel, which can be cleared at the bottom of the foot, and the clean effect is better.               Mobile: 13355281100
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