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Characteristics of fiberglass-type air filters

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glassfiberBag air filterDeveloped countries are considered to be the most economical and effective choice for users. Therefore, so long, the fiberglass-type air filter has always been the most commonly used filter variety in the ventilation air conditioning system. So do you understand its characteristics?

First, the fiberglass bag air filter is mainly used in commercial, industrial, clean room ventilation air conditioning systems. Its characteristics mainly:

1. The filtration of the filtrate is ultrafine glass fiber meltblower filter, and its fiber is fine, the number is more and the structure is fluffy. More efficient than the same product, longer life.

2. Optimized the life of the life of the \"v \" filter bag structure, enabling the air into the bag throughout the filter layer, ensuring that all filter materials can be sufficiently utilized, thereby further improving the filtration efficiency, Reduce air resistance and extend the service life.

3. Global Fiber Bag Air Filter, can meet the needs of the vast majority.

Second, the replacement period of the glass fiber bag type air filter:

1. When the resistance of the filter reaches 400 Pa or more, the filter must be replaced;

2. If the filter is used by filter material, you can replace the filter material, then rinse with water, dry dry, and then change it. However, it is important to note that you can only clean it twice, then you need to replace the new filter.

3. If the dust concentration in the environment is large, the life cycle will be reduced.

Third, glass fiber bag type air filter use precautions:

It is necessary to check the case where the filter's feed is not blocked. If there is an item to block the surface, then it needs to be removed in time; check that the surface of the filter material is damaged, if the surface of the filter material is severe, it needs to be replaced. The new filter material or replace the new filter is reinstalled; when installing the filter, it is necessary to have a good seal with the crush edge of the frame, and the air supply is leaked. At the same time, pay attention to the weight of the filter. The surface, not to pull the surface of the filter of the filter, when installing, should be perpendicular to the ground in the direction of the filter bag to ensure the air filtering effect and increase service life.

The fiberglass-type air filter is called the most common filter variety in a ventilation air conditioning system, and it is believed that many people have some understanding of it. There is a clear understanding of its characteristics and replacement deadlines. Extend its service life.               Mobile: 13355281100
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