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Choice of air filter

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air filter

What is \"Air Filter \"?

The air filter is a device that captures the particles through the action of porous filtration materials and places the gas to purify. After air purification treatment, it is sent to the room to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air -conditioned room.

At present, the most recognized filtering mechanism is mainly 5 effects: interception effect, inertia effect, diffusion effect, gravity effect, and also electrostatic effect.

According to the application requirements of different industries, air filters can be subdivided into initial effects filters, medium -efficiency filters, sub -efficient filters, high -efficiency filters, and ultra -efficient filters.

Junior high -efficiency filter:It is mostly used in general ventilation air conditioners and purification ventilation air -conditioning systems. The main role is to protect the heating disk of rear -class filters and air -conditioning units from being blocked and extend the service life.

High -efficiency/ultra -efficient filter:Applicable application scenarios required by high cleanliness, such as biopharmaceuticals, medical institutions, electronic optical manufacturing, precision instrument production and other industries such as dust -free purification workshops.

air filter

Under normal circumstances, the last first -level filter determines the degree of purification of air. The upstream filter at all levels plays a protective effect to extend its service life.

The efficiency of the filters at all levels should be properly configured. If the efficiency specifications of the two adjacent filters are too different, the role of the first level will not be protected in the first level; Too small.

The main parameters involved in the air filter:

The rated air volume:

The rated air volume of the filter is a large amount of air that the filter can pass. It depends on the area of ​​the filter material. The rated air volume depends on the size of the filter.

The filter with the same structure and the same filter material, when the final resistance is determined, the filter area increases by 50%, the service life of the filter will be extended by 70%-80%. It was about three times the original.

The initial resistance and final resistance of the filter:

The filter forms resistance to the airflow. The ash of the filter increases with the increase of use time. When the resistance of the filter increases to a specified value, the filter is scrapped.

The resistance of the new filter is called \"initial resistance \", which corresponds to the resistance value of the filter when scrapped is called \"final resistance \". You can change the final resistance value of the original product design according to the on -site situation. In most cases, the final resistance of the scene at the scene is 2-4 times the initial resistance.

Filtration efficiency

The \"filter efficiency \" of the air filter refers to the ratio of the amount of dust captured by the filter to the original air dust content:

Picture 56

The determination of filtering efficiency is inseparable from the test method. Testing different test methods for the same filter is used to test, and the efficiency value obtained is different. Therefore, leaving the test method, the filtration efficiency cannot be talked about.


The dust volume of the filter refers to the amount of dust accumulation of the filter. When the amount of dust accumulation exceeds this value, the filter resistance will increase and the filtering efficiency will decrease. Therefore, the dust volume of the filter generally stipulates that the amount of dust accumulates when the dust has reached the specified value (generally 2 times the initial resistance) due to the accumulation of dust under a certain air volume.

Filter test method

There are many testing methods for filter filtering: measurement method, atmospheric dust counting method, counting method, optical meter scanning, counting scanning method, and so on.

Critical scanning method (MPPS method) MOS

The MPPS method is the mainstream test method of high -efficiency filters in the world, and it is also the strictest method for testing high -efficiency filters.

Use the countor to continuously scan the filter's entire outlet surface, and the counter gives the number and particle size of each dust. This method can not only measure the average efficiency of the filter, but also compare the local efficiency of each point.

Related standards: US Standard: IES -RP -CC007.1-1992 European Standard: EN 1882.1 - 1882.5 - 1998-2000.

Division time of filter:

The more dust on the filter material, the greater the resistance. When the resistance is so large that the design is not allowed, the filter needs to be scrapped. Sometimes, excessive resistance will cause the dust that has been captured on the filter. When this danger occurs, the filter should be scrapped.

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