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Classification and characteristics of high efficiency filter products

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Shandong snyliHigh efficiency air filterWith a filtration efficiency of more than 99.97%, it is a veritable high-efficiency air filtration equipment. Now its application is becoming more and more mature. The editor of Shandong snyli will explain the classification and characteristics of high-efficiency filter products:

1. High efficiency filter with clapboard

As the name implies, a partitioned high-efficiency filter refers to a filter screen with a multi-layer partition design. Its corrugated partition can ensure the distance between the pleats and strive to achieve a large degree of filter material under small resistance. use. The two sides of the filter material are folded at 180 degrees to form a wedge-shaped pleat. When the filter material is bent, there will be two indentations. The indentations make it form a wedge-shaped box fold at the end of the partition. The box pleated layer can effectively reduce the damage of the filter material.

2. High efficiency filter without clapboard

The filter material of the non-partition high efficiency filter is composed of glass fiber filter paper, the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy, the partition is made of hot melt glue, and the sealant is made of polyurethane. It is composed of glass fiber filter paper, and a sprayed protective net is installed on the air outlet surface to ensure that the filter paper is not damaged. It is characterized by light weight, compact and delicate design, and very easy to install.               Mobile: 13355281100
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