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Clean room air filter selection arrangement

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First, the clean level 100, 100,000 and 100,000 air purification treatment should be used in the initial, medium and high efficiency filters. For places with low requirements, sub-high efficiency filters can be used instead of high efficiency filters.

two,air filterThe selection, the arrangement method is generally arranged in the following manner:
(1) The medium-end air filter should be set in the positive pressure segment of purifying air regulation;
(2) Efficient or sub-high efficiency air filters should be provided at the end of the purified air conditioning system;
(3) aging, efficientair filterIt is appropriate to use less than or equal to rated air volume.

Third, the area is large, the air clean is high, the position concentration and noise, the vibration control requires a strict clean room (area), should be used in centralized purification air conditioning systems. Conversely, a decentralized purification air conditioning system can be employed.

Fourth, the air purification system of the following conditions should be set open:
(1) One-way circularity and non-single stream cleansing room (area)
(2) High-efficiency air purification system and medium-end air purification system;
(3) Cleanrooms (districts) of the running shift or different time.

5. The air purification system produced in the following production should be set independently, and its exhaust port should be separated from a certain distance between the venting ports of other drug air purification systems.
(1) a strong sensitive drug such as penicillin;
(2) β-lactam structural drugs;
(3) contraceptive drug;
⑷ hormone drug;
⑸ anti-tumor drug;
⑹ ⑹ ⑹ 微 微 微 微 制;;;
⑺ radioactive drug;
⑻ Gas (poison) operating area.

6. The air purification system of the following conditions should not be recycled when cross-contamination is still not avoided.

(1) Pullevation, weighing, ingredient, mixing, material, compression, compression, coating, filling, etc.
(2) Purifying air used by solid oral liquid preparations and finished drying equipment;
(3) Fine, drying process;
⑷ pathogenesis;
⑸ Radioactive drug production area;
A large amount of harmful substances and volatile gases are produced during the process.

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