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Clean room air purification method

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What are the cleaning room air purification methods? Shandong Xinli's Xiaobian gives you detailed explanation:

1, overall purification

It can be divided into laminar flow and turbulence. The laminar flow means that the air is fully flowed through the same speed to the other side, so that the dust produced in the room or bacteria will not spread around the room and have a well launching outdoor, and achieve a good sterilization effect.
(1) High-efficiency filtration and sterilization technique: Air cleansing mainly relies highly or ultra-efficient filtration equipment to deliver clean air to a particular environment and maintain the cleanness of the air. Filter clean principle: 1 Repair; 2 screen is restored; 3 electrostatic attraction is restored; 4 inertial collisions and Brown movement blockage. Therefore, filter cleaning technology is a result of a combination of a combination.
(2) Filter structure: Most of the filter materials used by the biocrecipitation chamber are high efficiency or super efficient filters, the filters used: glass cotton films, asbestos fiber filters, vinyl chloride fiber filter materials. The retention rate of the particles of 0.5 μm in the air can reach 90% to 99%, and the super high efficiency filter material can block 99.9% of particles of 0.3 μm.

2, local purification
(1) Clean layer flow cover: Clean layer flow cover is a local air purification device. Generally, the vertical layer flow method can be constituted, and the transparent bodies are used around. High clean level (10,000 levels) air can be maintained in the entire cover. Such a clean layer flow cover can be used for the treatment of the patient with low immune function, so it is also known as a sterile bed coating.
(2) Purify console: The air in the cleaning box is used in a horizontal or vertical laminar flow method, which can make the consumption of the operating table to reach a high level.
(3) Electrostatic adsorption deceleration purification technology: electrostatic adsorption and sterilization is the principle of industrial dust removal, and has innovative in miniaturization technology. 1 Using a thin line discharge electrode and a honeycomb-shaped aluminum tank collection electrode to form a level line device; 2 adsorbed by mirror-like charge electrical adsorption.
There is currently a three-stage purification device, that is, pre-filtered-efficient filtration-activated carbon adsorption, combined positive ion electrostatic adsorption, and uses large wind quantity air to ensure the number of indoor air purification, better solves the hospital's key departments such as Operating room, ICU, maternal and child ward, hemodialysis room, etc. Sustainable disinfection, allowing the purification of hospital indoor air to 100,000 to 10,000.
⑷ Negative ion purification technology: Negative ion is a negative chemical group that can be reversible, and there is a short period of time. It does not kill the microbiology. It is mainly the microbial particles with electrical ions and air, particularly microbial particles. In combination, forming a plurality of particles aggregate to become a rapid settlement, so that the air meets the purification. The negative ions in the air are only in certain chemical properties, such as active oxygen ions, etc., they have the ability to infringe the protein to kill the microorganism, so the negative ions have a limited capacity to air purification, and the microbial particles in the air can only be reached. 70% ~ 90%.               Mobile: 13355281100
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