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Clean room detection SQ, DQ, IQ, 0Q, PQ

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Shandong Xinli

Five-stage testing:

First, technical detection (Specification Qualification-SQ)

Check whether the planned technical solutions and indicators (technical holdings) in the design project meet demand, and meet the relevant procedures, whether or not the regulations meet the supervision.

Successfully completed the SQ phase, the principle scheme (concept) -basic design (DQ).

Second, design testing (Design Qualification-QD)

1. One concept of QD1

Check if the design concept and process equipment, clean room and part of the bidding documents of the various infrastructure meet the requirements, procedures and standards of design basis.

After successfully completing the QD1 phase, you can submit the design to the bidding, and you can transfer to the construction documentation phase during the selected supplier.

2. QD2 stage construction document

Check the construction drawing, design, including the technical specifications of the drawings, materials and equipment, and whether other documents meet the requirements, after successfully completing the QD2 phase, you can start the ordering and supply of materials and equipment, the construction and installation of the basic system, ready Test and put into production.

Special attention and strict implementation in turn, it is possible to keep the construction and IQ, 0Q and PQ test phases, however, the consequence of reducing or not strictly abiding is a waste of funds.

Third, empty clean room test (Installaton Qualification-IQ)

The facilities have been built, all power is turned on and running, but the detection of clean room without production equipment, village materials and personnel

Fourth, static clean room detection (Operational Qualification-OQ)

The facilities have been completed, the production equipment has been installed, and the operation of the owner and supplier agrees, but the detection of clean room without producers.

V. Dynamic clean room detection (Performan Qualification-PQ

In the facility, the facility is run, and there is a predetermined person in the field, and clean room detection is performed when working in an agreed state.

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