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Common problems and solutions in the use of FFU fan filters

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FFUIs a common type of purification equipment in the current clean purification industry, thenFFUWhat are the common problems encountered in clean room applications, and what solutions are there?

1FFUAt the level of system energy saving, the problem of centralized air supply with huge clean air-conditioning room and high operating cost of air-conditioning units?

It is proposed that if a large clean room has a higher level of cleanliness,,So everyone’s centralized air supply refrigeration unit has a large exhaust volume,High tensile force of centrifugal fan,To get rid of the frictional resistance of the ventilation duct,And the friction resistance of the medium-efficiency filter, the filter device of the medium-efficiency filter, and the high-efficiency air outlet,Only then can we consider this kind of room cleanliness requirements,That will increase the overall operating cost of central air conditioning,However, the actual results of the cleanliness of these higher-level clean rooms may not necessarily meet the demand. And if the centralized air supply system software has common faults in the air conditioner,It will cause all clean rooms involved in this air conditioner to stop running.

2FFUThe narrow indoor space of the ceiling of the clean room:

Advanced other clean rooms must be used for processing requirements,Then set up a huge air supply static pressure box under the upper part of the clean room ceiling,Set up a blower in the static pressure box,This kind of static pressure box is connected to the air supply duct and the return air duct to occupy a very large indoor space.,Promote the narrowing of the inspection room,Sometimes it even endangers the application of fire exit doors.

If appliedFFUThen it's different,The ceiling of the clean room is divided into multiple control modules,Each control module is aFFU,Then we can adjust each control module according to(FFU)Let’s consider the regulation of working pressure balance of the air supply static pressure box at the upper end of the ceiling,This greatly reduces the requirements for the height-to-width ratio of the static pressure box. In addition, it can save a lot of ventilation ducts,Therefore, the installation indoor space can be saved. Especially when the renovation project suffers from building height restrictions,FFUThis problem is solved reasonably.

3FFUThe air supply system software uses a static pressure box as the air pressure, so even if there is a leak in the air outlet installation,It also leaks from the clean room to the static pressure box, which is not easy to cause environmental pollution to the clean room,This is also a good advantage.

4FFUConscious structural characteristics,Can be adjusted anytime, anywhere,Fill the clean room with insufficient controllability,In turn, the defect that the production process flow is not suitable for adjustment is solved. Because the maintenance structure of the clean room is generally made of metal wall panels,Generally after completion,Reasonable layout cannot be modified casually,But because of the continuous innovation of the production process,Promote the reasonable layout of the original industrial plant cleanliness and cannot consider the requirements of new technologies and new processes,As a result, the purification workshop must be frequently modified due to the upgrading of products,A lot of money and material resources are consumed. But if you adjustFFUWay of total,You can partially adjust the cleanliness of the house and the reasonable layout,Used to consider the modification of the processing technology,andFFUBuilt-in driving force, air outlet, lighting fixture,It can save a lot of project investment. This is basically impossible to achieve the same practical effect for general centralized air supply purification equipment.               Mobile: 13355281100
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