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Common specifications air filter table

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The air filter is mainly used in intake and purification, for removing the dust particles. In addition, some production processes in the exhaust gas containing fine contaminants (such as radioactive materials, mist, etc.), although such purified exhaust gas purification belongs, because of its high purification requirements, but also requires the use ofair filter. Air filter (Air Filter) refers to the air filter, generally used for clean room, clean rooms, laboratories and clean rooms, electronic or mechanical communication device for dust and the like. Primary filter is divided into, in effect filter, sub-efficient filter and a high efficiency filter models. Various models have different standards and the use of performance. The following is a common specifications comparison table (the following sections are derived from the network, only for sharing learning exchange, copyright belongs to the original author).

Junior high-efficiency filter efficiency specification comparison table

Picture 1

Chinese and European junior high efficiencyair filterEfficiency Comparison

Picture 2

Each countryair filterDivides the reference standard level

Classification general ventilation filter - atmospheric dust notation

Picture 3

European current classification

Picture 4

American efficiency specifications

Picture 5

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