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Comparison and functional characteristics of high-efficiency non-partition filter

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High efficiency no partition filter

Difference comparison:

High-efficiency structure is also divided into harmony. No partitions mainly use hot melt as the separator of the filter element, which is convenient for mechanized production. In addition, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency, and uniform wind speed. At present, most of the large-volume filters required for clean workshops use a partitionless structure. There are partitions for high efficiency, and aluminum foil and paper are mostly used as filter element separators to form air channels. The partition board is made of high-quality kraft paper, hot-rolled forming or offset paper as the partition board. At present, coated paper with double-sided glue is often used as the partition board, the main purpose is to prevent the partition board from shrinking due to the influence of cold, heat, dry and wet, thereby dispersing particles. When the temperature and humidity change, this kind of separator paper may emit larger particles, resulting in the unqualified cleanliness test of the clean room. Therefore, customers should be recommended to use for places with high cleanliness requirementsHigh efficiency air filter without partition. ForeignWith partition filterThe price is higher than the price without partitions, so there are fewer places with partitions abroad. In addition, withWith partition filterCompared to the rectangular channelNo partition filterThe V-shaped channel further improves the uniformity of dust holding and prolongs the service life. The partitionless filter for ventilation can avoid the use of metal parts, is easy to dispose of, and meets increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. Except for some special occasions with high temperature resistance and high safety requirements, filters without partitions can replace filters with partitions.


When reducing the size and weight of the filter, it can also increase its air volume. The demand for wind speed in a small space can produce products with larger air volume. In order to facilitate handling and installation, a smaller and lighter frame can be provided to reduce weight. Good product design can flexibly install, replace and upgrade products. The product performance is better than 2 times the height of the outer frame filter with a partition. 55mm, 70mm and 75mm pleat height products can reduce product resistance, improve filtration efficiency, and have better performance than other products without partitions on the market. When using 55mm 70mm, 75mm pleat height products, it can reduce product resistance and bring energy-saving benefits to the system.               Mobile: 13355281100
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