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Comparison of air filter counting method and DOP test method

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air filterThe test counting is mainly used to measure the weight of the cumulative filter. The test dust source is a large particle size, high concentration of standard dust. Put the filter in a standard experimental wind hole, the upper wind is continuously dust. Every time, the dust collecting the dust on the dust or filter of the filter is measured, whereby the filter is calculated at this stage according to the filter efficiency calculated by the dust. When the agreed final resistance value is reached, the test is terminated when the efficiency is significantly dropped. At this time, the filter is accommodated in the weight of the test dust into \"The amount of dust \". The balance weight efficiency is the weighted average of the experimental stage efficiency according to the dust. Here \"agreement \" refers to the agreement between customers and the trials, or the testor's own regulations. Therefore, the conditions of the termination test are different, and the weight efficiency value is different.

The courage method is mainly used to measure low efficiency filters, such as initial filters, genital filters, generally used in the medium-central air conditioning system. The DOP method belongs to the high efficiency filter. The filtering efficiency value measured by different methods may differ, and the basic principle, efficiency level, segmentation of the DOP method can be compared with the following table. different.

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