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Comparison of the advantages of FFU and fan cleaning system

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1. The concept of FFU fan filter unit: FFU is the English abbreviation, the full name is Fan Filter Units, which means \"fan filter unit\" in Chinese. To be precise, it is a modular terminal air supply device with self-powered and filtering function.

2. Fan cleaning system generally refers to the composition of clean air conditioner + booster cabinet + fan duct + efficient air outlet. Some users ask whether it is better to use FFU in a clean room or to use an efficient air outlet, which is actually what this article is about.

3. The high-efficiency air supply outlet is an ideal terminal filter device for the thousand, ten thousand, and one hundred thousand class air-conditioning systems, which can be widely used in the purification air-conditioning systems of the medicine, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The high-efficiency air supply outlet is used as a terminal filter device for the renovation and new construction of clean rooms at all levels of 1000-300000, and is a key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The high-efficiency air supply port includes a static pressure box, a diffuser, and a high-efficiency filter. The interface with the air pipe can be top or side connection.

One,FFUCompared with the advantages of fan cleaning system

FFU and fan cleaning systems are one of the commonly used purification equipment in clean rooms, but there are differences between the two. Today, the Shandong snyli Purification Editor will explain to you the advantages of FFU and fan cleaning systems.

1. FFU has the advantage of laminar flow. There is a certain distance between the filter of the fan cleaning system and the fan, and the air flow generated is difficult to achieve laminar flow. Therefore, the fan cleaning system is difficult to achieve perfect 100-level and laminar flow effects, and ffu does not have this defect.

2. Advantages of FFU fan. The fan cleaning system has only one fan. Once the fan has some kind of failure, the entire system will be paralyzed and unable to operate, and FFU has more than one fan.

3. The advantages of FFU service life. The filter in the fan cleaning system can only be installed by briquetting, coupled with the influence of unstable wind speed and pressure, will greatly reduce the life of the high efficiency filter, so the service life of the FFU is longer than the fan cleaning system.

4. Advantages of FFU tightness. The fan cleaning system is prone to leakage due to the limitation of the fixing method, and once the leakage occurs, it will directly affect the cleanliness of the maintenance system, and the airtightness of FFU is well-known

5. The advantages of FFU noise. When the fan cleaning system is in high-intensity operation, the noise is very loud, up to hundreds of decibels, which will seriously affect the production environment and the work of workers. FFU attaches great importance to noise and deliberately reduces noise pollution.

6. FFU maintenance is more convenient. The high-efficiency filter of the fan cleaning system adopts a pressure block type fixing method, and its replacement is not easy. Relatively speaking, the maintenance of the FFU is more convenient.

two,FFUWhat are the advantages of

1. The advantage of FFU lies in its flexibility. The FFU itself has its own power and is not restricted by the clean area. Just as a large clean room plant needs to be zoned and controlled according to its needs, the flexibility of the FFU can play a great role and will not improve Its cost.

2. The advantage of FFU lies in its ability to shorten the construction period. As we all know, it takes a lot of time to make and install air ducts, and FFU can save a cycle of air ducts and shorten the construction period.

3. The advantage of FFU lies in its ability to reduce operating costs. The initial investment of FFU is higher than the use of air duct ventilation, but in its later operation, the operation, maintenance, energy consumption and reasonable use of FFU should pay attention to matters that should lead to a lot less cost.

4. The advantage of FFU lies in its reusability. Even if some FFU equipment has not been used temporarily, it can be disassembled, sealed and kept properly, and can be used in the future.

5. The advantage of FFU lies in negative pressure ventilation. FFU itself can provide static pressure, making the air supply static pressure box negative pressure relative to the clean room. The particles in the static pressure box will not leak into the clean area under pressure, making the seal simple and safe, which is also the biggest feature of FFU.

6. In addition, saving space is also an important advantage of FFU.               Mobile: 13355281100
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