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Correct steps for primary filter

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Primary filterWhat are the correct steps? The editor of snyli Purification will explain to you:

1. When transporting and storing the primary filter, it must be placed in the direction indicated by the factory. Place it gently during transportation to avoid violent vibrations and conflicts, and do not constitute human damage.

2. Before the initial filter equipment, the clean room must be cleaned, scrubbed, and purified. If there is dust inside the air conditioning system, it should be cleaned and scrubbed to meet the cleaning requirements. If it is the primary filter inside the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed.

3. After the clean room and purification air conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements, the purification air conditioning system needs to be tested. After working continuously for more than 12 hours, after cleaning and wiping the clean room again, the primary filter is immediately installed.

4. Before the initial efficiency filter equipment, the packaging must be unpacked on the equipment site for visual inspection, including filter paper, sealant and structure for burrs and rust (metal frame): whether there is a product certificate, whether the technical performance meets the design Claim. Then perform leak detection. Equipment that is qualified for inspection and leak detection shall be immediately equipment. The equipment should be reasonably distributed according to the resistance of each filter. The difference between each filter of one-way flow, the same air outlet and the air supply surface, the rated resistance of each unit and the uniform resistance of each unit should be less than 5%.

5. The structure of the equipment's primary filter should be flat. The flatness tolerance of the equipment structure of each primary filter is not more than 1mm. Also, keep the arrow on the outer frame of the filter and the direction of the airflow in common. When the device is vertical, the crease of the filter paper should be vertical to the ground.

6.Primary filterWhen the seal between the structure and the structure is generally selected using gaskets, stickers, negative pressure seals, liquid tank seals and double-ring seals, it is necessary to scrub the packing surface, filter frame surface, structure surface and liquid tank clean. The thickness of the gasket should not exceed 8mm, and the compression rate is 25-30%. The joint method and raw materials should meet the design requirements, and there should be no leakage at the joints of the structure. When selecting a double-ring seal, do not block the hole in the ring cavity when sealing. Double-ring seal and negative pressure seal need to insist on dredging the negative pressure pipeline.               Mobile: 13355281100
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