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DC FFU characteristics and its advantages

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FFU can be divided into DC FFU and communication FFU according to the different motors. Today, Shandong snyli's Xiaobian introduces the characteristics of DC FFU and its advantages, as follows:
DC FFU Features:
1. The DC FFU is relatively low, and it can achieve energy saving purposes.
2, DC FFU adopts intelligent control, which can realize the perfect match of mechanical components and electronic control systems.
3. The start current of the DC FFU is smaller than the booting current of the AC FFU, so many direct current FFUs can be started simultaneously.
4, DC FFU is small, relatively, more conducive to reducing the heat of the work area.

DC FFU has the following advantages over AC FFU:
Reduce energy consumption: The permanent magnet DC motor itself is high, and the overall efficiency curve can be maintained throughout the operating range. Compared with the AC asynchronous machine, more than 50% of energy conservation can be synthesized.

intelligent control: You can form a remote automatic control system, which can automatically monitor each device, save management costs and manual monitoring by central control system. Perfect matching of mechanical components and electronic control systems can be achieved.

Multiple bootsThe start current is smaller than the AC fan, can start simultaneously at the same time.

Small fever:Due to the high efficiency of the DC fan, the whole machine is small, thereby reducing the burden on the air conditioning system, the work energy consumption of the entire equipment is clear, and the cost of production cost is reduced.               Mobile: 13355281100
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