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DC FFU product advantages and uses, choose FFU to buy snyli FFU

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DC FFUProduct advantages:

FFU has won the trust of customers with its appearance structure and fine technology, low energy consumption, large air volume, low noise and six full inspection process shipments.

FFU fan filter unit with service is our pursuit. In order to provide our customers with quality service, we arrange personnel to provide a series of complete services with superb technology and meticulous service attitude. From detailed instructions before installation to commissioning and maintenance services after installation, we have won unanimous satisfaction and trust from customers.

Attention to detail is our working principle. In order to obtain customer satisfaction, we keep improving products, improving production technology, improving service quality, and providing customers with good products and satisfactory services.

DC ffu

DC FFUOverview:

DC FFU has long working time, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, stepless speed regulation, uniform wind speed, easy installation, etc.

DC FFUThe modular connection can be used, making FFU widely used in clean rooms, clean operation tables, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and local 100-level applications. FFU is equipped with primary and high efficiency two-stage filter. The fan draws air from the top of the FFU and filters it through the primary and high-efficiency filters. The filtered clean air is sent out at a uniform speed of 0.45M/S±20% across the entire air outlet surface. It provides high-quality clean air for clean rooms and micro environments with different sizes and cleanliness levels. In the construction of new clean rooms and clean workshops, the cleanliness level can be improved, noise and vibration can be reduced, the cost can be greatly reduced, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. It is an ideal component for a clean environment.

DC FFUuse:

FFU is suitable for manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, flat panel displays and disk drives, as well as optical, bio-industry and other places that have strict control requirements on air pollution. Occupy the market quickly with unique advantages and reasonable prices.               Mobile: 13355281100
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