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Different national standards are divided into air filters

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When purchasing custom air filters, the requirements of the air filter, the European standard, the Europeani, the US standard, and it is easy to confuse, and the Shandong Xinli Xiaobian is organized, and the national standard grade standards for air filters. .

The air filter is different from the filtering efficiency, which is generally divided into: initial (coarse), generic, high-efficiency, sub-efficiency, efficient, super efficiency air filter, the following introduces my country, Europe, the United States three countries Level division criteria for air filters.


According to the filtering efficiency, my country's national standards divide the air filter into a coarse air filter, a high-efficiency air filter, a high-efficiency air filter, a high-efficiency air filter, a high-efficiency air filter, a super efficient air filter. Classification of the National Standard \"Air Filter\" GB / T 14295-2019 (2020-05-01) is as follows:

Picture 6

National Standard \"High-efficiency Air Filter\" GBT13554-2020 (2021-02-01) began to implement [current standard])

Picture 7

Note: The resistance of the efficient (super efficient) air filter reaches 1.5-2.0 times the initial resistance, should be replaced in time;

2. Europe

The European air filter standard is mainly EN779 (suitable for initial ~ high high-efficiency air filters) and EN1822 (suitable for sub-efficiency ~ ultra-efficient air filters), European air filter standard EN779 and EN1822 will take air filters from the initial effect Filters to high efficiency filters are divided into G1-U17 level;

Air filter classification (European standard EN779-2012) Suitable for initial, medium-end, high high-efficiency air filters

Picture 8

Picture 9

High efficiency air filter classification (European standard EN1822-2009)

Picture 10

Picture 11

3. USA

The US air filter standard is mainly ASHRAE52.2 (suitable for initial ~ sub-efficient air filters) and IEST-RP (suitable for efficient ~ super efficiency air filters), divide air filters into from MERV1 ~ MERV16 this 16 Level.

Air filter classification (American standard ASHRAE52.2-2007) is suitable for initial, medium-end, high-altitude, sub-high efficiency air filters

Picture 12

High-efficiency air filter classification (US standard IEST-RP-CC001) is suitable for efficient, super efficient air filters

Picture 13

The picture below shows the air filtering efficiency comparison table

Picture 14

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