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Do you know how the structure craft of a bag air filter is?

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We have introduced many air filters, with initial filters, high-efficiency filters, etc. Today, Shandong snyli Xiaobian introduces the working principle, composition structure, and scope of use of the bag air filter. And which processes need to be confirmed with customers when they share this order under such orders.

When receiving the bag type air filter order, first you need to confirm the following processes with your customers:

1, width * length * bag deep * thickness;

2, the number of bags;

3, outer frame material (common galvanized iron box / aluminum frame);

4, bag material;

Working principle of bag air filter

The air contains a lot of dust, with gas flow inertia movement. The dust hitting the medium into the filter bag will be adhered. Smaller particles collide with each other will bond larger particles to settle down. Most of the medium-root filters are mostly electrostatic quilts as filtration materials, fibers and dust may be charged, producing electrostatic effects, and filtration results can be significantly improved.

Bag air filterConstituent

There are two main components of the bag air filter, one is the outer frame, one is a bag.

Generally there are aluminum frames, galvanized iron frames and stainless steel, etc., filter materials are generally high quality fluffy artificial fiber filter materials, and filter materials are more than one layer.

The priority layer is used to filter the air in the air, then the finest second layer filter material is mainly used to enhance the stability of the filter and filter particles of particles, such a design structure can reduce filter resistance, improve the capacity The amount of dust is extended and the service life is extended.

Bag air filter

Due to its mainly blocking dust particles, there is an advantage of large filtration area, large dust, and low resistance. It is often used in a large environment of moist, high gas flow and dust load, is used in central air-conditioning ventilation systems, biopharmaceuticals, medical institutions, electronics, precision manufacturing, food processing and other industrial purification, as the front end of the high-efficiency air filter. Filtration to reduce the load of the high-efficiency air filter and extend its service life. Because the bag filter is large, the dust is large, the wind is low, is considered a good neutral filter structure.

Bag filters are essential for ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is the main force of filtered air. It is mainly to meet the demands of large air volume and dust removal. Strictly speaking, there must be a pre-filter device at the front end of the bag filter, generally using the initial roof filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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