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Does the primary air filter need to be cleaned?

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Primary effect air filter

Primary effect air filterWhether it needs to be cleaned, no matter it is any filter, it needs to be cleaned, but many people do not know this clearly, which leads to the reduction of the filtering effect of the primary air filter, and many people do not understand the primary effect How often does the air filter need to be cleaned, and what should be paid attention to during the cleaning process, here is the Shandong snyli Purification Primary Air Filter manufacturer to tell you.

First of all, everyone must be clear that the primary air filter must be cleaned. No matter it is any filter, after a long period of use, there will be a lot of pollutants attached, and this will cause the filter equipment to not always maintain a better Filter efficiency and filter effect. If after reasonable cleaning, the filter screen of the primary air filter will be restored to a better state, and there will not be many stains that will affect the filtering efficiency and filtering effect. At the same time, if the maintenance work is done well during the cleaning process, some of the wear and tear of the primary air filter during the working process can be stopped in time, and the service life of the primary air filter can be extended.

How often should the primary air filter be cleaned?

How often does the primary air filter need to be cleaned? Shandong snyli PurificationPrimary effect air filterThe manufacturer recommends that you first observe the working environment of the filter, such as whether there is more dust in the environment, whether it is humid, if it is humid, and there is more dust, then a simple exterior cleaning is required at least once a week. If the situation is normal, you also need to clean the filter element or the filter regularly. At this time, the primary air filter suggests that you need to develop a corresponding cleaning plan cycle according to the material itself and the intensity of the filtration work.               Mobile: 13355281100
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