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Dust-free workshop high efficiency filter replacement installation precautions

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Ventilation of the dust-free work is available in two different methods: traditional airflow system and one-way airflow system. In the conventional airflow system generally used, the air blowing is done by one or more high-efficiency filters in different locations in the room, and the one-way stream system is air blowing through the high-efficiency filter full of the entire ceiling or the entire wall.

dust-free workshopHigh efficiency filterBefore the installation of the replacement cycle, the dust work should be based on the construction area, the air cleanliness level, purify the safety-related facilities of the air conditioning system. It is equipped with a number of maintenance management personnel and test equipment, instruments, etc. Management, reaching the design document on environmental parameters such as air cleanliness, improve product pass rates and guarantee safe production.

The dust-free workshop does not allow you to tear or open the bag or packaging film, and should be stored in the direction of the direction on the high-efficiency filter box; during the handling of the high-efficiency filter, it should be light, light, Avoid severe vibration and collision.

Dust-free workshopHigh efficiency filterReplace the installation, the installation direction must be correct: When using the corrugated board combination filter, the corrugated board must be perpendicular to the ground; the connection between the filter is in the vertical and framework, which is strictly forbidden to leak, deformation, damage, and leakage glue. After installation, the inner wall must be guaranteed, no floating, oil, rust and debris.               Mobile: 13355281100
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