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Effect of high efficiency filters in the ribroom

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The wind shower room is an employee to enter the clean room or a dust-free workshop essential buffer purification device, which can reduce the pollution problem brought by employees into and out of clean room. The wind turbulent channel is a versatile partial purification device installed between clean room and non-cleaning room. The main applications of the wind shower room are: laboratory, biomedicine, food processing, electronic, circuit board, photoelectric, LED, optical, instrument, aerospace, etc.

The air shower is filtered through the initial filter. After the high pressure fan enters the static pressure box, the clean air flow after the high-efficiency filter is filtered, and the rotary nozzle is injected from the various directions to enter the cleansing room, thereby effective and rapid Filter dust particles. The cleared dust particles were recycled to the wind shower region after filtration, and the high-efficiency filter was filtered.

Due to the different characteristics of the clean room, the selection of high-efficiency filters first according to the level of clean room, sterility, temperature and humidity, fire resistance, anti-corrosion, etc., the high-efficiency filter, the high-efficiency filter, is recommended, recommended Quality guaranteed air filter manufacturers to buy.               Mobile: 13355281100
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