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Effective ways to extend the service life of high efficiency filters

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High efficiency filterFamiliar friends know that it is mainly used to capture0.3umThe following particulate dust and various suspended solids. Before installing the high-efficiency filter, it is not allowed to tear or open the packaging bag or packaging film by hand. It is necessary to store the air filter in strict accordance with the direction standard marked on the high-efficiency filter box;In the process of handling the high-efficiency air filter, the staff must handle it gently to avoid severe vibration and collision.

Before using the high-efficiency filter, you need to open the package at the installation site for visual inspection, including: whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged;Whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements;Whether the frame has burrs and rust spots(Metal frame);Whether there is a product certificate and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements. Then in accordance with the national standard \"Code for Clean Room Construction and Acceptance\" [JGJ71-90] The specified method shall be inspected, and the qualified shall be installed immediately.

The clean room must be thoroughly cleaned and wiped before installation. If there is dust in the air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements. If the high-efficiency filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, the technical floor or suspended ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.

The above is an introduction to the effective extension of the service life of the high-efficiency filter. Everyone should understand this knowledge to effectively extend its service life and reduce the cost of purchasing equipment. For more information about high efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters and other equipment, please contactShandong snyli Purification, The staff will answer in detail for you.               Mobile: 13355281100
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