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FFU application

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FFU English is a full name (FAN Filter Unit), fan filtering unit unit. The FFU fan filter unit can be used in modular connections, using FFU to be widely used in clean room, clean workbench, clean production line, assembled clean room and local 100-level applications.

FFU has a primary and efficient two-level filter. The fan is inhaled from the top of the FFU and filtered through the initial, high-efficiency filter, and filtered clean air is delivered at a wind speed of 0.45 m / s ± 20% throughout the wind. Suitable for obtaining a clean environment in a variety of environments. It provides high quality clean air for different sizes and clean rooms of different sizes, different cleanliness levels. In the new clean room, clean factory-type renovation, the cleanliness level can be improved, reducing noise and vibration, can also greatly reduce cost, easy to install and maintain, is an ideal component of clean environment.

FFU application

Under normal circumstances, the clean room system is: duct system, FFU system and axial fan system;

Advantages of the duct system:

(1) Flexibility (2) Reuse (3) negative pressure ventilation reduces construction cycle ⑸ Reduce operating costs Save space.

Clean levels in 1000 (FS209E standard) or the clean room above the ISO-class, usually use the FFU layout, local purification environment or clean cabinet, clean workbench, etc., usually use FFU.

Why use the FFU system?

The following advantages of FFU itself makes it rapidly available:

1, replacement, installation, flexible and easy

The FFU is self-driving and is a self-contained modular, and the supporting filter is easy to replace, so it is not limited by the region; in the clean factory, the partition can be controlled according to the needs, and can be replaced according to the requirements.

2, negative pressure ventilation

This is the unique feature of FFU. Since it itself is capable of providing static pressure, the clean room is positive pressure relative to the outside, so that the external particles will not be leaked into the clean area, so that the seal is very simple and safe.

3, shorten the construction cycle

Use FFU to save the production and installation of the wind tube, shorten the construction cycle.

4, reduce operating costs

Although in the use of FFU, the initial investment is higher than the use of the exhaust ventilation, but it is in the later operation, highlighting the feature of energy saving, maintenance-free.

5, save space

Compared to other systems, the FFU system occupies less levels in the air supply static pressure box, and basically does not occupy clean indoor space.               Mobile: 13355281100
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