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FFU fan filter unit maintenance

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Appropriate maintenance of the FFU fan filter unit can improve the life of the FFU fan filter unit, which can save a certain amount of costs, how to maintain it, the following is a detailed introduction to you by Shandong snyli's Xiaobian:

1. According to the cleanliness requirements of the environment, the FFU fan filter unit replaces the filter in a timely manner.

Second, regular use of dust particle counter to determine the cleanliness of the clean area of this product, when the measured cleanliness is inconsistent with the cleanliness of the required cleanliness, the reason should be identified (whether there is leak, whether the high-efficiency filter has invalidation, etc.) If the high-efficiency filter has been invalid, the new high-efficiency filter should be replaced.

Third, the replacement of high efficiency filters and initial filter should be done.

4. When the FFU fan filter unit replaces the high efficiency filter:

1. When the FFU machine filter unit replaces the high-efficiency filter, take special attention to ensure that the filter paper is complete and non-destructive, and it is forbidden to damage the filter paper.

2, before the FFU installation, the new high-efficiency filter is backed up, and the high-efficiency filter is observed whether the high-efficiency filter is damaged due to transportation, such as the filter paper, can not be used.

3. When the FFU replaces the high-efficiency filter, the cabinet should be lifted first, then remove the failure of the high-efficiency filter, replace the new high-efficiency filter (note that the airflow arrow mark of the high-efficiency filter should be consistent with the air air flow direction of the purification unit. ), Make sure the border is sealed back to the original position.               Mobile: 13355281100
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