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FFU is suitable for the clean workshop

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FFU is mainly used in clean workshops with a cleanliness of 10~1000000. It can be connected and used in unit modules, and can be adjusted according to the flexibility of FFU itself without causing secondary investment.FFUWhat other characteristics are there?

1: FFU adopts a built-in air duct diversion system to reduce noise and pressure loss, increase the service life of the FFU and improve the working efficiency of the FFU;

2: If the FFU is not used temporarily, it can be removed, sealed and stored, and it can be used directly next time.

3: FFU multi-wing centrifugal fan can provide high wind speed and high static pressure conditions to ensure the use in different environments;

5: FFU is especially suitable for assembling ultra-clean production lines. It can be configured as a single unit or multiple units according to process needs, or multiple units can be connected in series to form a hundred-level assembly line.

6: FFU can be ventilated under negative pressure. Because the FFU itself can provide static pressure, the air supply static pressure box has a negative pressure relative to the cleaning plant. In this way, the particles in the static pressure box will not leak into the cleaning area under pressure, making the sealing simple and safe.

7: FFU shortens the construction period. useFFUThe production and installation of air ducts can be omitted, which saves a lot of time. This is what any investor wants to see. FFU has become a good choice.

8: FFU can reduce operating costs. In the later operation of the FFU, it has prominent features such as energy saving and maintenance-free.

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