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FFU is suitable for those clean rooms?

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  FFUIt is suitable for manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, flat panel displays and disk drives, optical, biological industries and other places that have strict control requirements on air pollution. Quickly occupy the market with unique advantages and reasonable prices. The height is low, and the air chamber space can be saved during system design. The lightweight structure design can meet the Grid system installation of various manufacturers, and the FFU structure size design can be changed according to the Grid system. Internal device diffuser. The wind pressure spreads evenly, and the wind speed on the outlet side is average and stable. The inner bladder of the metal structure goes down the wind and never ages. Prevent secondary pollution, smooth surface and low wind resistance. Excellent sound insulation. Special air inlet and air duct design reduce pressure loss and noise. The motor has high efficiency and the system consumes low current, saving energy costs. Single-phase motor provides three-stage speed regulation, which can increase or decrease wind speed and volume according to actual conditions.

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